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Alternatives to the big brands

So I know this is not exactly environmentally related, but I thought I would compare some big name products with substitutes from products that utilize less artificial ingredients.

Ritz vs. TJ’s Golden Rounds Crackers

They look the same, taste the same, so is there really a difference?

I compared boxes both 12 oz size, Ritz listed the serving as 16 g while TJ’s listed 30 g (9 crackers). TJ’s is a lot more realistic, really who only has 3 or 4 crackers? Ritz is trying to make you feel less guilty by making the serving size smaller than you would most likely be eating.

Nutritionally the TJ’s Golden Round Crackers are better they have a lot less sodium. Eating too much salt can increase your risk of stroke or cardiovascular disease, and cause high blood pressure.

Dorito’s vs. Kettle Brand Tia’s Chips

They are very similar, I can tell that the Tia’s are the healthier version of them. But after you have eaten a couple you get used to the more natural taste.

When comparing the Nacho Cheddar flavor the first thing that stands out to me is the fact that the Doritos have less calories, but they also have a lot more salt and they use artificial coloring while Tia’s uses paprika extract for coloring. Tia’s also uses organic yellow corn as the base for their product.

Cheetos vs. Trader Joe’s Baked Cheese Crunchies

Personally I like TJ’s Baked Cheese Crunchies better, there is something about Cheetos that just tastes so fake.

Cheetos have more calories then  Baked Cheese Crunchies and almost double the sodium. In addition Cheetos have more fat. That color orange that Cheetos is established from artificial food coloring


Now of course none of the foods are healthy but if you do want to treat yourself to a snack reach for the healthier version. I personally like the healthier versions better anyway. They have fewer ingredients and for the most part I know what all of them are, in comparison to the bigger named brands where I don’t know half the ingredients. I don’t think all the artificial foods are good for you, so I will often try to get the healthier brand.

Will you go and try one of these ‘healthier’ options? What is your opinion? Do they taste as good?

“The greatest wealth is health.”